Lord West

Advisory Council Members

Our Advisory Council is a cross-sectoral group of leaders and experts from humanitarian aid and disaster relief sector. They play a key role in setting the agenda for our exhibition and educational content by providing recommendations and insight on key issues and challenges relating to preparing, responding and recovering from natural or man made disasters.

Our chairman

"It is about time we launched a platform to showcase the superb work DFID, International Organisations, NGOs and industry are doing in this critical area that works for the global good. The  UK leads much of the thinking and technologies in this area and I am excited to be able to launch  this platform for best practice."

The Rt Hon. Lord West of Spithead GCB DSC PC former Government Security Minister




Members Include  

  • Alice Bromage

    Alice Bromage

    Founder, Empowering Success
  • Alison Wakefield

    Alison Wakefield

    Academia, Portsmouth University
  • Ben Webster

    Ben Webster

    British Red Cross, Head of Emergencies
  • Bob Rose

    Bob Rose

    Former Police Head of Operations and Major Event Planning
  • Eleanor Baha MBE

    Eleanor Baha MBE

    Deputy Director Switzerland and Liechtenstein | Department for International Trade
  • Emily Hough

    Emily Hough

    Editor in Chief, Crisis Response Journal
  • Gareth Collett

    Gareth Collett

    CEO and Founder, Brimstone Consultancy Limited
  • Jack Jones

    Jack Jones

    Humanitarian Programme Manager, CHASE, Department for International Development
  • Jacqui Semple

    Jacqui Semple

    Chair, Emergency Planning Society
  • Jamie Chinn

    Jamie Chinn

    Charity Lead, Durbin plc
  • Katja Samuel

    Katja Samuel

    Director, Global Security and Disaster Management Ltd
  • Lina Kolesnikova

    Lina Kolesnikova

    Member of Advisory Board and R&D Blog Team, Crisis Response Journal
  • Major General Michael James Von Bertele

    Major General Michael James Von Bertele

    CB, OBE, QHS
  • Naomi Morris

    Naomi Morris

    Fellow in Humanitarian Response, University of Portsmouth
  • Nick Searle

    Nick Searle

    Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service
  • Paul Knox Clarke

    Paul Knox Clarke

    ALNAP Overseas Development Institute
  • Paulo Garonna

    Paulo Garonna

    Secretary General, Italian Banking Insurance and Finance Federation
  • Philip Ingram MBE

    Philip Ingram MBE

    Former Military Planning & Intelligence Officer
  • Rob Davis

    Rob Davis

    Team Leader, Search and Rescue Assistance in Disasters (SARAID)
  • Robert MacFarlane

    Robert MacFarlane

    Deputy Director, Cabinet Office
  • Robert McAlister

    Robert McAlister

    Director | Glenbarr Consultancy
  • Serena Leone

    Serena Leone

    Emergency UK | Programme Manager
  • Simon Chesterman

    Simon Chesterman

    Deputy Chief Constable, Civil Nuclear Constabulary, & Armed Policing Lead, National Police Chiefs’ Council
  • Tim Cutbill

    Tim Cutbill

    Former Assistant Commissioner, London Fire Brigade
  • Tony Thompson

    Tony Thompson

    Director, Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (ICPEM)

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