Working closely with our Advisory Council, we brought together a group of leaders and experts from humanitarian aid and disaster relief to share their experiences, insights and challenges facing the sector. With their strategic input, we are delighted to announce the key themes for our conference programme.

The International Disaster Response CONFERENCE

Covering the full spectrum from preparing, responding and recovering from a natural or man-made disaster, our conference will bring together high-level decision makers to examine the key challenges and best practices in the sector. Attendees will come away being inspired and take away strategies they can embed in their organisation and operations.

The key themes are:

  • Climate: Living in the era of the unexpected
  • Today’s crises, tomorrow’s catastrophes
  • Consequences: Forced Displacement and Migration
  • Collective action: the changing landscape of global aid
  • Beyond our wildest dreams, how technical innovation can help us to confront future humanitarian and disaster events
  • Reputation and communication, in crises and beyond



Overall conference theme: Places and people. This Crisis Response Conference will look at the two most vital elements of society – people and where they live, examining the risks and threats that are inherent in urban areas, whether when working and living or during leisure activities. How do we ensure the safety, security, resilience, well-being and flourishing of communities in urban areas, set against the backdrop of future disruptions and crises?

The answer has to lie in greater transdisciplinary co-operation between governments, authorities, business, front line emergency responders, the private sector and, of course, people.




Running alongside The International Disaster Response Conference, IDR will be hosting a series of capability workshops. These interactive sessions are one of the most exciting features of IDR. Experience the latest products and solutions in an engaging and creative way. Speak to the experts directly and find the solutions to your everyday challenges in delivering emergency aid.

Why attend?

Join the community

The largest gathering of international leaders, experts and innovators from 85+ countries in an exclusive and focussed setting

Be inspired

Hear market-nominated topics tackled by international experts: your chance to hear about the trends, challenges and opportunities within the humanitarian aid and disaster relief sector

Experience the latest innovations

International Disaster Response Expo is your annual opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by experimenting with the latest technology and hearing from inspirational figures and experts in the industry

Exclusive networking opportunities

Take advantage of our exclusive networking opportunities where you can meet and greet Government, NGOs, Aid Agencies and Charities, International Development Agencies, Military & Peace Keeping, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue & Emergency Response and brands at the forefront of disaster relief.

Get up close and personal with the latest products and solutions

Attend our Capability Workshops and explore the expo floor - speak to the experts directly and get your questions answered in real time