IDR Summit

The International Disaster Response Seminar Theatre

(Free to attend)

The International Disaster Response Seminar Theatre will feature CPD accredited conference sessions and Capability Workshops. Focusing on the latest trends, challenges and issues affecting communities before, during and after a crisis; attendees will gain practical knowledge and know-how of how to embed innovation in their organisation.


Conference sessions

Hear from experts who are at the forefront of your industry and tackling the key challenges and issues:

Topics that will be covered

  • Case study of a real disaster told through the eyes of the public and responding organisations
  • The disconnect between Security and Humanitarian Aid
  • Climate change – what is to come?
  • Human Displacement following a Disaster
Want to Speak?

Capability Workshops

Focusing on the innovation, discover the latest products and technologies that is shaping the future of humanitarian aid and disaster relief. These workshops will reflect on operational practice and development needs, giving attendees the chance to be equipped with the tools, training and techniques to improve the efficiency of emergency aid. Speak to our experts directly and get your questions answered in real time.

Do you want to contribute to our Capabilities Workshops and help accelerate our visitors professional development? Contact us today to secure your spot.